We know how important service and speed of application is to you and your clients, that’s why we’ve developed our connect portal, capable of creating KFIs in seconds and delivering a paperless application process designed to get to an offer without delay.
We are your trusted partner in later life lending, providing you with the support and tools you need to deliver a better later life outcome for your clients. We never forget that advisers are critical to the future success of this market and that you need a lending partner you can count on to support you as you grow your business.

Standard Life Home Finance takes pride in being:


Our later life lending capabilities can be trusted to give advisers peace of mind and a competitive edge


Our lending product solutions are designed to transform retirement outcomes for your clients and put them in control


We are fully focused on supporting later life advisers and helping build a more successful market
Our innovative new lifetime mortgage solution has been designed with clients in mind, giving them more flexibility and control - with market-leading features included as standard at no extra cost, competitive rates and a broad range of LTV options

Fixed ERCs

With Early Repayment Charges that last for just 8 years, your client knows exactly where they stand when it comes to the repayment of their loan

Downsizing protection

This vital protection applies from Day 1 and ensures your client has the flexibility they need should their circumstances change

Capital repayments

Your client is free to make ERC-free capital repayments of up to 10% of the initial loan each year from Day 1 and a minimum of just £50

ERC exemption

If a borrower’s spouse/partner dies or goes into Long Term Care, they can repay their loan in full, free from ERCs - applies from outset and with no time limit, as long as they are also an applicant

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